Help your tribe start writing their own income story in 2019 with the help of Work-At-Home School and our meticulously planned, high-quality LIVE launch event, 
Work Your Way 2019.

It’s a launch like you’ve never seen before.

What is it? For your tribe, it’s a 100% free, totally epic interactive online experience. Far more than a tired-and-soooo-typical 3-part video series launch — it’s launch like you’ve never seen before, and it will rock your world.

When is it? For attendees, the online event takes place January 21 - February 4, 2019. Promotion for event tickets begins on December 1st.

Where is it? How much is it? This epic event is 100% free.

How much can I earn promoting? While the Work Your Way Event is free, the back-end offer is Work-At-Home School at a special launch tuition price of $697. Your 40% commission on sales of WAHS is $278.80 (add table from slide deck). You could win a prize. See contest details below.

How do I sign up? Click here to sign up now. 
Enjoy this generous preview of the energy you'll experience when you participate in this epic interactive event.
The 10 speakers/affiliates who send the most opt-ins to the summit before it begins will be eligible for cash prizes.

The opt-in contest starts December 1st, 2018. 
The sales contest is based on total DOLLAR AMOUNT of sales generated, not the # of Curriculum Packages sold.

The total amount of your commission earned plays no role in whether or not you can win this contest. This means even if you’re earning 40% commission as a non-contributing affiliate, you can still place in the sales contest and win a prize!

The TEN speakers/affiliates who generate the highest dollar amount of sales before and during the summit week (ending Saturday, February 3 at 11:59 PST; 3:00am EST) will win a cash prize on top of any commission generated:
We want our JV partners and affiliates to make the most money possible. The rules mentioned below are to protect our partners — and us as a company — from not-so-kind someones who may try to game the contest.
To qualify for contest prize money:

+You must sell a minimum of 20 units to qualify for prizes
+The overall commission you earn at the end of the contest must be equal to or more than the contest prize you win
+Final decisions about the prizes will be made by BCP Media, Inc. team.
If you don’t know me personally yet, I’m Caitlin Pyle, and my mission in life is to connect people with skills they can use to make money from home.

And I’m really, really good at it.

In under three years, I’ve transformed from a freelancer into the owner of the multimillion-dollar media company, BCP Media.

My flagship site,, has generated more than $5 million in sales as of September 2019 since it launched its first course in February 2015.

In addition to in-house product revenue, BCP Media generates approximately $25,000 to $40,000 in affiliate product revenue each month.

Work-At-Home School isn't just changing affiliate marketing; it's changing the world.
Michelle Schroeder-Gardner,
I've known Caitlin for a couple of years now, and I'm blown away by her success. She's taught thousands of people how to make money from home -- she knows her stuff! If you want to skip the guesswork and learn what it really takes to be successful working at home, then you can trust Caitlin to teach you how.

Julie Stoian,
For anyone getting started with the work-at-home journey, Caitlin has paved the way for others who are looking for real help, growth, and success.

Gina Horkey,
Caitlin Pyle is a woman on a mission. That mission is helping others achieve a lifestyle they can only imagine through working from home (or anywhere, really!). We're in the midst of a revolution to take back control of our lives, starting with making our work work for us, and Caitlin's leading the charge!

Eileen Wilder,, Bestselling author & speaker
Caitlin's superpower is to help people defy the odds, destroy self-doubt and deploy them almost instantly into a successful career working at home. I can't tell you how she does it, all I can tell you is — do what Caitlin says.
Susie Moore,
Caitlin is a powerhouse -- creative, energetic and highly innovative. She's the expert in understanding the new normal of working from home (or anywhere) and is the pro to listen to on the subject. She takes no prisoners, so look out -- she'll make you successful, fast. 

When does the event start? 
The two-week consumer event begins on Monday, January 21, 2019 and ends on Monday, February 4, 2019 at midnight EST. Can’t wait? Then don’t miss the release of eight brand-new Work-At-Home Heroes podcast episodes starting January 2!

When can I start promoting?
You can begin promoting Work Your Way 2019 anytime on or after December 1st. 

WHOA. This is amazing. Should my readers request time off of work for this?
It shouldn’t be necessary for the first week of the event; however, some of your more eager readers may want to request time off for the Work-At-Home Summit keynote event happening January 28-30. So you can totally suggest that as an option — we sure are! 

The three days of the Summit will be jam-packed with exciting speakers and invigorating live Q&A each evening following the final speaker of the day. The rest of the event should fit in nicely with the average work schedule.

What if my readers are unable to attend one of the watch parties or live q&a’s? 
The watch parties will be posted inside the Work-At-Home Heroes Facebook page (along with all the live comments). The link to join that group is here: (the password to get in is #HEROES)

The Live Q&A replays will also be available inside that group, and all Work Your Way 2019 participants will have access to Hero Headquarters — your hub for all things related to the event. We promise to make sure you don’t miss a thing!! 

What if my readers are unable to attend the Work-At-Home Summit live? 
Great news! All of the talks for the Work-At-Home Summit keynote event taking place January 28-30 are pre-recorded, and lifetime access to these videos is included with your Work Your Way 2019 ticket. 

I have tons of blogger friends and I would love to share this event with them so they can help their readers too! Do you have a second-tier affiliate program?
We sure do! Inside your affiliate portal, there is a second-tier referral link that goes straight to the event landing page so your friends can see what the event is and view the attendee schedule. They can click on “Affiliates” in the upper righthand corner and come straight to this page to learn more about promoting. If they sign up, you get 10% commission on any sales they make for an entire year!
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